New hidden emojis in iOS 5.1 from OS X Lion

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If you have updated your Mac to Lion, you’ve probably already seen the new emojis that come built in. They are pretty cool! Here are just a few of the new animal emojis 🙂

How to enable emoji in Mac OS X Lion

Here’s how to add Emojis to emails, the messages app (for iMessage), text documents created with apps like TextEdit, etc.

To insert an Emoji, you’ll need to use the hidden Characters tool.

Open a Finder window and hit Shift+Command+G. In the dialog box that appears, type /System/Library/Input Methods.

Then look for the file called CharacterPalette. This is the tool we’ll regularly use to insert Emoji, so click and drag it to the Dock to create a shortcut for future use.

Start the CharacterPalette app and, in the left of the program window, select Emoji. Then select a category of Emoji icon from the column next to this—People, Nature, Objects, Places, or Symbols. Finally, select the icon you want from the list of icons and then click and drag it to where you want to insert it into your email, document, and so forth.

Remember that any Emoji you insert into emails and documents will appear when opened by other OS X Lion computers and on iPads and iPhones, but they won’t appear on Windows or Linux systems or on Macs running pre-Lion releases of OS X. Instead, users will see a missing character symbol instead (usually a question mark symbol within a box).

How to Use the Hidden Emojis in iOS 5.1

The new emoji characters in Lion are still not visible in the emoji keyboard that comes with iOS 5.1 but if you send them from your Mac you’ll be able to see them.

This is not the case for users running iOS 5 (or less), so if you want to be able to see the new emojis you should update your iPhone to the newest version using iTunes.

New Hidden Emojis in Emojizer?

We found an easy way to include the new secret emojis in Emojizer, but since there are a lot of people that still run older versions of iOS, it makes no sense to implement them yet as it would only cause trouble for them, and negative reviews in the App Store. Which we don’t like.

We are constantly working on updates to make the app better so you can expect these new emojis to be implemented in the near future.

Talking about updates, Emojizer 2.0 should be on its way so get ready to update and leave a new review on the App Store for the 2.0 release.

Here is the link in case you haven’t rated it yet:

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